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Description:   phpMIB is an os independent Modular Irc Bot (as PHP shell script) whose API allows easy and fast modules programming and maintenance

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Mulligan IRC bot Mulligan is an IRC bot implemented as a Java Servlet web application. The bot may be controlled through IRC or Web interfaces, IRC content can be mediated through JSP. It supports user accounts, logging via JDBC, and a plugin framework for new features.

PHP based IRC bot for channel stats. PircS is a PHP based IRC bot that logs channel statistics to an SQL backend and parses that data to generate text and graph representations of the channel traffic and events.

Pluggable Python IRC Bot A threaded IRC Bot written in Python which makes plugin development quick, easy, and clean. The bot only requires the default Python install to run.

Potbot: A simple IRC bot written in perl Potbot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It it intended for aditional code to be added to produce a custom bot to do a certain job. It's code is modular to allow for easy additions. The bot is fully functional as it is, without ...

Pynfo - Python IRC bot Pynfo is an IRC bot written in Python and the Twisted framework. Among its features are network bridging/relaying, basic "infobot" capabilities, googling, 3 access tiers, and a shorter-link function. Pynfo is easily extensible and fully disk-persisten

Quellism IRC bot Framework Quellism is an object-oriented IRC bot framework, using the CPAN module POE::Component::IRC. It features configuration files, authentication system, on-the-fly operator status/blacklists, and has a channel linking system which supports unlimited channels!

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Yet Another IRC Bot YAIB is a platform independent IRC bot, that can be used e.g. for channel management or anything else. It provides a simple API so that you can easily extend its functionality. (The included IRC API can soon also be used to write other IRC applications.)

Oak Java IRC Bot Oak is a flexible IRC bot written in Java. Core components are a reusable IRC framework, a login system, and a plugin manager. Bot functionality will be implemented as plugins, which are loaded on startup or at runtime.

Dixie Flatline IRC Bot We are working to create an easy to manage, flexible and open IRC bot for channel management and other basic services. We are developing around a modular system to allow easy extensibility. MySQL based Auth, Banlists, etc.

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php Multi Syntax Highlighter php Multi Syntax Highlighter will "beautify" PHP, Pascal, Delphi, SQL, VB and Applescript source code. it does not use pcre function or ereg functions, and allows syntax code continually line by line.

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